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Learn a language Online

Tailored French, Spanish, Portuguese and English classes. Private or in small groups.

Ensino on-line

The teacher

Hello! I'm Luiza, your new online language teacher.

I'm a multilingual teacher, passionate and expert on foreign languages & cultures, and I've been teaching adults and kids over the world for the past eight years.

You can take #english, #french, #spanish or #portuguese online courses. They will be tailored exactly for your purposes! 

What Do I Teach?

I provided dynamic online classes of Language, Culture, and History in four languages. Individual or small group courses.


English language and literature

Brazilian Portuguese

Brazilian language, culture and History


French language and culture


Spanish language and culture


Students from over three continents.

"Luiza is a very good professional, very dedicated and has a lot of patience to teach, I recommend for those who want to learn fast and feel stressed with foreign language."

Cassia, Brazil

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